Tuesday, 30 November 2010

'Things that keep me awake and I therefore do not like'

I'm basically listing a few of the things that wake me up during the night in the busy city. Each item listed will be accompanied by the time it wakes me up and a drawing to sum up the deterioration on my state of mind. It's going to be a 4 paged booklet using the technique in the video posted below with a fold out mini poster on the opposite side to the pages and covers. It will contain text and image.

I've been playing around with many drawing styles to work out how I want my zine to look and I think I have it now.

Harry Potter: "COOL! A Nimbus 2000!"

This was the first drawing I started working on for this project. I drew it in pencil and coloured markers and enlarged it and photocopied it in black and white. The coloured markers gave nice mid-tones (didn't have grey-scale markers) and this proved a good method of bringing more to what would be a very basic line drawing. I liked this drawing but it has no relevance to Birmingham and had no idea where to go from here so left this as just a test for a method I may use.

Warping face

It was while drawing this that I came up for the idea for my zine. I was up very late and was just drawing how I felt. It's meant to be the very confused face of a person that doesn't know which way is up or down (if you look at it upside-down, it kind of makes another half-face). So I decided to look towards a build up to this face; going from a seemingly normal looking face and making it slowly morph into something like the sketch above.

Started trying a minimalistic approach, adding minimal amounts of colour and lines and get the message across.

I started looking at other facial expressions to show aggravation, shock, impatience, anger and other things I feel when I'm woken up in the early hours of the fucking morning.

I'm currently still playing with ideas and styles but I think I have my finger on it now.

Any advice, critiques or other ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks, Brad


Chiu said...

for me, I'd like to see one consistent style used, however a chaotic and expressive outburst of that style is fine, almost like the last page - outsider artists might interest you?



Yeah I agree with having a consistent style, but I really want to go for a gradual increase in busyness and expression, like the last page just being one big disgusting mess compared to the others.

Thanks for the link, very useful.

Bought a book today by, M. Tom Dieck. Almost the same theme as my project... great. But has proved useful in helping me visualise how my book will look.