Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Todays Harvest

Right, well... I've looked at some artists who work in a similar style, or whose style is quite surreal and, in cases, vicarious. These practitioners show how works of a dark/noir nature are published, and to what limits they push it. I also conducted a quick test with PhotoShop, just to add some diversity into my experiments.

In terms of the actual 'zine, I've looked at how James Jean's books are bound, and looked at creating an inventive cover and opening mechanism. Content-wise, I like the idea of looking at motorbike gangs, but moving from a narrative more in the direction of illustrating various aspects of it, such as the bikes, the fashion and the iconography. I'd like it so that it would be equally attractive to those of a biking nature, and those who just want a 'zine that's illustrated in an original way. I'm thinking of calling it; "A guide to 1% of Birmingham" (1% being a patch worn by certain bike gangs to affiliate themselves with "[the] 1% of motorcyclists who fail to obey the law"). This will, i hope, immediately set the tone of the 'zine.

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