Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Underbelly of Birmingham

When starting this project, Chiu advised us to draw what we normally draw and fit the project around our own interests. I usually find myself drawing sad children and pretty girls (though usually clothed!), and seem to always come back to the themes of childhood and loss of innocence. One of the news articles in the brief lit a spark and I decided to look at the idea of underage prostitution, rentboys, human trafficking etc. A very seedy underbelly of Birmingham.

These are just some initial drawings though, I have been thinking about where to take this project in a way I could make it less obviously graphic/sexual or just look at in a different way.


Chiu said...

like the drawings - at last someone who's not doing just flat ons! But amongst everyone else, you're being very literal! Plus no background details in the images

Chiu said...

Plus no background details in the images? - was a question, sorry :)