Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some anthropomorphic, ludicrous and downright insane sketches.

Chiu said to draw whatever it is you tend to draw naturally, and not look at this brief as a project. So I veered back into the regular stuff I fill my sketchbooks with; Fantasy, Sci-Fi and some loose pen & ink. I haven't looked at any art books or 'zines in terms of this project yet, as that will simply add prejudices to my drawings. At the moment I'm tending towards looking at The Outlaws and The Hells Angels motorcycle clubs; what with the recent 'scuffle' at Birmingham airport and the shooting a year ago, and how, if at all possible, to combine those characters with fantasy creatures. How to fit any of this into an art book I've only briefly considered (bottom right preview).

Edit: Blogger downsized my previews... Full res:


Chiu said...

whatever you do the pages will have to have a consistent style!

Like the hells angels theme, can see it appealing in zine format - maybe a zine for motorbike gangs?

O.Nice said...

Nice work dude!