Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lisa - post 3

I'm developing the "burlesque" theme a little more but feel stuck between a few themes. I liked the idea of the girl getting dressed (instead of getting undressed which is what they usually do). Burlesque shows also have so many themes, I thought I might draw the clothes in a steampunk style in honor of Birmingham's fame as industrial city. And the other idea was to be really cheeky and dedicate each of the 6 images to one of the different major religions in Birmingham (as each has so many icons, it's just fun to throw them in). But I could probably be crucified for that idea haha. So at the moment I'm feeling a little stuck. I know I want to frame each illustration/page, a bit like Alphonse Mucha's. As for the zine, I definitely know it's going to be a single sheet 8 page zine. I've already picked out the font as well :)

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Chiu said...

on a simple google search:

there are loads of designs some bad some good - I personally think you need to think complete design more than just focus on the model