Tuesday, 30 November 2010

underbelly progress

A little more progression into my zine. I am happy and am confident with where i'm going with it. A working title for the book is along the lines of 'A Pigeon Forensics Scrapbook/Sketchbook'. I looked at drawing on top of photos a little more but wasn't ahppy with where it was going.

I would really like to print the final product straight onto A4 and fold to an 8 page booklet. It would cost less, easily pocketable and i could add a poster/design on the back.

I think the best format to produce the zine in would be japanese book binding as i think it looks like it's been bound by a slightly mad man. (now you can think 'Se7en'). I can't really explain how i feel 'why' i think this would work better but at the moment but i'll do two versions, bound and folded and run with the best.

I real quick idea. I like it. Simple and straight to the poop...POINT i mean.

FUCK SAKE! sorry for the lack of zooming on pics. I'm on a mac again...

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Chiu said...

do it as staple bound!! Then you concentrate on the design and get it printed through an ink jet using that pagination method I showed you - have one final copy ready for Thursday so we can see if there are any adjustments necessary - I think the hand written type on the bottom page is great along with the weird bird poo path?