Monday, 22 November 2010


Some more ideas I've had... trying to make things a bit more mental.

I only really like the guy turning into a monster.

Binding ideas and another plan for a Genetics company catalogue.

Some more weird shit

Some other comics/zine artists I've been looking at.


Tomos said...

Ha! The genecorp catalogue is awesome. I'd like to see more of that. That'd be a cool zine!

Chiu said...

It's clear that your stuck in between the dark space of two voids - the surreal or the bitter twisted, which path should you take? Maybe cut yourself in the middle and go both ways?

Lisa Rose said...

Oh wow I love your style! And sense of humor, if it can be called that :) Haha now i feel so useless. I love the idea of such a distopic world where people would actually get weird things implanted on them. (ever seen the film "Immortel-Ad Vitam"? I still can't decide if it's a good film or not, lol, but there's a bit of that 'pharmaceutical corporation taking over the world' stuff going on)

Vernon said...

Ah i really like that guy morphing into a monster too, i think its something about the contrast to show the normal and weirdly twisted monster.

The gene corp thing reminds me of that game we use to play where you have about four ppl and one draws the head then folds it over so no one can see, the next person draws the chest, torso and legs then you see what kind of weird thing you end up with. Perhaps you could design a book/zine so you start with a normal person but the page is cut up into thirds then when you flip like a third of the page it gives him weird eyes or something... i dont know =/