Thursday, 23 December 2010

Birminghams got its Hollywood, California, Broadway and now Paris...

My only worry about this piece is if i can get the trees to look more like the Eiffel tower, which of course is possible so i will keep working on this. However i find this to be one the randomest facts ive come up with, but maybe the best?

The next piece i will be working on is the back cover of my book which im not even sure what im going to do with it yet but it is the last thing i do before it all gets thrown together, so maybe i will have time to celebrate Christmas this year.

This will be the front cover of my zine before i was going to go with a very very rough look, but now ive decided to go with something that still looks rough but also looks a little more professional. The odd greay watercolour here and there makes the lettering stand out just that bit more, and i feel the type alone represents my style.

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