Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Underbelly of Birmingham; sketches.

I wanted to draw something which i have never done so before and therefore decided on the idea of myths and legends which are associated with birmingham. I found a site which showed paranormal activity and legends seen on certain streets of birmingham.
Above are some really quick gnarly sketches of what came to mind when i read the different stories. I am undecided whether to pick one character and make that into a set of images, or have a zine showing all the characters, such as the work of Brinkman and his 'monsters' zine.
Withing each composition i may include a road sign with the location of where these legends reside, and perhaps the name of each character, for example 'coxwell road, the baby butcher'.

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Chiu said...

why not go and draw the places on location to get a feel for the place?