Monday, 6 December 2010

Urban Fox likes Hip-Hop

My starting point basically involved a brainstorm based on my perceptions of Birmingham - The people I know, journies I take, places I know, events that have taken place. Most are bullet pointed but the bus idea became a little narrative. I think crackheads congregate on buses...where are they even going? Well, probably to purchase further crack.

 Initial concepts based on the horse that once lived in a local field. One day we fed it a kiwi fruit. The next day the horse was nowhere to be found and we haven't seen it since. Very basic storyboard ideas/layouts...experimenting with the inclusion of text. Inclusive of photos from the location for possible use as backgrounds after editing.

Continuing the animal theme and furthering character design I doodled Urban Fox, who enjoys bitches, hip-hop music, and gnawing on dead frogs. Originating from the foxes on my street who constantly screech at night, the idea is to create a zine using snapshots from his half-gangsta, half-standard fox lifestyle, culminating in being shot in the face by a toff with a shotgun.

Experimenting with texture/background ideas.

On the next pages there is some initial artist and paper-folding research. Its all in the very early stages so any critisism/suggestions/artists to look at/feedback would be really helpful :)


Chiu said...

lots of ideas randomly spread around - good!!! Now you have to try developing some of them into a series/collection of images which could make a zine/artist book - note it's not necessary or even advisable to make a story out of it unless it "works" as a zine - again research examples from all of the current posters would help :)

Chiu said...

Also make use of the things you like sketching - it seems you enjoy lettering, really work on developing design elements that you feel a tune to