Sunday, 12 December 2010

My honesty

So after Fridays lesson, I was genuinely frightened to upload work. Art isn’t a “right” or “wrong” subject. Art is what is in your heart. This realisation worried me, yet consequently pushed me to remember what I am doing. I have struggled over the past few weeks of this course, no denying that. And it only came to my understanding last week that i’d been repressing these feelings. I realized my inspiration was triggered by people rather than images. 
So, after that insight into my life (that I may regret sharing!) I decided to draw and paint what I love, and what I am thinking about, and what is relevant to me.
I worked on my ideas of trees, which I think are one of the most underrated and beautiful things in nature. They are everywhere, they are unique, and they contain emotion. Some are tall and proud, others are wilting and bashful. Kind of like human beings.

I then looked on a website that Chiu recommended - Illustrationmundo - and found a lovely artist called Yan Nascimbene
Nascimbene also uses watercolour (like me) to produce simple, effective pieces. I copied two of his pieces, and added my own thoughts to the second piece, to involve text and image. This wasn’t intentional, but a lot of thought was spilling as I was drawing it, so I thought I’d write it down.

I am leaning towards the tree idea for my book, showing different seasons and different moods/emotions of trees.
I have a few more ideas I could potentially expand on, which I need to wrap up and actually get some pieces done!
More to come soon...

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Chiu said...

you may like this person too:

her watercolours have that same serene like quality