Monday, 6 December 2010

Just Some Initial Ideas

I quite like creating monsters/ freaks and twisting shapes, so right away I was looking for a way tell a story that would compliment these themes well. Initially I thought about the creeps and weirdos that roam the streets of Birmingham at night, which quickly changed into thinking about how would would these people react when something even more disturbing and freakish invaded their territory and space, and this new freaks interpretation of these degenerates if it was completely innocent like a child and knew nothing of how they really were (think Lennie from 'Of Mice & Men') and its attempts to unknowingly befriend murderers, dealers, addicts and worse.

After initially thinking about this I did a couple of designs of what this freak among freaks could look like and came up with something quite suitable, and even a name (Mildred Von-Skuntz, the most unattractive name I could come up with) It dressed in very dodgy clothes, as if its only source of fashion advice was the curb crawlers it shuffled up to and harassed at night.
Although this is still my favourite idea, I also thought about what if the Zine followed a young woman throughout her night out and her gradual transformation into the ultimate slagbeast. I also thought about themes of self image, how people view you and how you view yourself (we have all seen them, the gals you see in town and you cant help but wonder how they thought using that much makeup would be a good idea) For a good example check out any episode of 'World's Strictest Parents' on BBC 3.


Graham said...

How do you rearrange images in a post? I somehow managed to mess everything up every time I tried.

Alex Yates said...

if u go onto the html thing u can cut and past the image somewhere else but its complicated cuz its like numbers n shit

Chiu said...

best to start a fresh

Chiu said...

how can this become a zine that people will be attracted to? Let's see you develop this visually - at the moment just an abstracted sketch of a figure that doesn't say much yet

Chiu said...

best to start a fresh when posting images that get into a muddle :)