Monday, 6 December 2010

ideas + research

this is a art book i found with art by Rob Sacchetto it contains illustrations of zombie celebrity and is a take on them celebrity magazines which feeds off of the publics obsession with the life of the famous..... my zombie tourism idea is similar in concept and could be similar in how it is developed further if i use Birmingham tourism guides as a guide line

i came up with the idea of zombie tourism.... zombies can be a metaphor for consumerism so looking at areas of the city where alot of people are drawn too, comparing people too zombies in a city people call the shopping capital of Europe. i want each page of the zine to be a well known comercial site in birmingham.... these are rough sketches and will experiment with techniques during the week

i wanted to base the project on things i nomally draw so i came up with a few ideas involving creatures


Chiu said...

you've really attempted to connect with our experience of Birmingham shopping backgrounds in an satirical way, and the drawings are quite sophisticated where you have used photographic references - the bull not so, as it looks crude in construction - you should be critical of your progress as you've produced some sketches and an idea which has strong potential - one bigger problem is how it fits into zine/artist book - just show me examples that go down the same road

Chiu said...

another thing you could think about scenes where zombies are going crazy fighting over the xmas sales