Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ideas AND Drawings

So the first thought that came to mind when thinking about birmingham was litter, so around this idea I started to draw up rough sketches and concepts. After that initial thought I couldn't decide where to go with the concept, that is until I saw A pice of baroquely on the floor. Weird huh? From that I went on with litter and divulged into thinking about health and stuff. So I thought what if the veggie got into an argument with a chocolate wrapper, then maybe a cigaret can join in? I then thought that the brock was a douche the way he spoke to the double decker wrapper and cig so I decided to have him adducted by a pigeon, cus god knows we got a lot of em. The moral I was going for was not jugging others and bragging about being super healthy because, well it doesn't do you much good when a giant bird comes and carries you off.

Jack Turner

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