Saturday, 11 December 2010

Update after tutorial

After my tutorial i realised theres a few things that ive gota change such as, ive been making this book mainly about MY problems with birmingham and whos going to read that and here me yak on about my problems for 8 pages, so now ive started adding a few weird facts about birmingham followed with a design about that fact. Also a change in title name had to be in order if im changing what the books going to be about so no the book is going to be called "Birmingham through my eyes".

Anyway i thought i might as well upload my latest design too.


Chiu said...

better direction, I like the more than 1 quarter fact - eager to see more!

DooDle said...

cheers im going to do one on road safety now because i couldn't really dig up that much dirt on Birmingham's big food companies.