Tuesday, 7 December 2010


After leaving on friday i got delayed on getting my hands on the brief to get some artist research done, but come saturday i managed to, the artists work that i liked the most was "Gabriel Campanario" as he uses watercoulor in a messy way straying in and out of the lines alot and the finished product looks very different from any others. He also labels his work but i thought i could use this as an opurtinity to create some toilet humor like i have in the "Lighter?" piece that ive done below.

The idea that ive settled on is "people of birmingham" which at the moment is my title but im not sure if il stick with that or not, and of course its about people
that i come across on my way to uni. such as very weird
people or people that just generally are always having a
bad day and tend to take it out on me. so this books
going to have a lot of toilet humor in it.


Chiu said...

An ex-student just bought me a shirgley book you'd like!



DooDle said...

Ah cheers il take a look. :)