Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Current Affairs

I've seriously underestimated how long these things take to make! This is where I am now, any suggestions will be very extremely greatly appreciated.

I'm using segments of this for a couple of pages.

This is the drawing for the image of the second page. The caption will be, 'the noisy neighbour', or, 'strange noises next door'.

This is the font style I am going to be using. Decided to go for hand drawn type to compliment messy drawings. Needed some consistency as the drawing style changes on each page.

This won't necessarily be used in this zine. This is just playing around with Photoshop but I liked the results.

After a LOT of measuring and calibrating, finally managed to segment a canvas with guides so Photoshop will work in total harmony with my printer so the zine will fold nicely. THIS HAS TOOK UP MOST OF THE EVENING (unexpectedly). This is where I'm at now. Need a front and back cover and captions on each page. Also, the back page will fold out to a poster which will show the ultimate stage of tiredness in trippy format.

Could anyone suggest paper that will I can print on that the printer ink will not seep through to the other side of the paper so I can print on both sides? I'm just using normal paper and it'll look very messy with images on both sides... it's too thin.

Thanks, BRAD


Vernon said...

Hmmm you could also consider a consistent colour scheme through the whole zine, doesnt just have to be the text.

Not sure about the whole paper front, i guess you could try thicker paper? 100 or 120gsm and above? Not certain on this though.

Chiu said...

sequence?? Notice how the way you scan and alter the levels/contrast can also make your images more appealing - the first image is quite impressive scanned in this way