Sunday, 12 December 2010


To replace one of my pieces that will not be going into my zine, i decided to look at the roads of birmingham and how dangerous they can really be, but of course im exgsaturating it, i decided to find out how manny potholes there are on Birmingham's roads, and also i found a few more weird facts about Birmingham's roads to throw in there as well.

This piece was really challenging for one reason and one reason only, ever since ive been drawing ive never been able to draw a car properly. ><


Chiu said...

you are on to a winner with the illustrated facts - sold in Birmingham it would/should do well - it even become a serial zine - there must be countless facts to illustrate, and using simple visual rhetoric devices, such as exaggeration, analogy, and substitution work really well!

DooDle said...

Yh i feel like im on to somthing to but ive had to re-think the title and now im also thinking maybe a traditional 8 page folded zine wont be big enough, so im going to have to research into zines that will be big enough so everything is clearly displayed.