Monday, 6 December 2010

Initial scribbles.

The first thing I started on was drawings that had been lurking in my head since the intro to this project, I had two ideas to follow these drawings, but one quickly fizzed out since it bored the sh*t out of me.
The idea I began to develop more drawings for was a fly on the wall kinda thing for a student in Birmingham - probably Vis. Comm - but I wanted it to be larger than life and quite obnoxious. Which is where this character appeared from, probably best described as an extention of myself.
I've so far done a couple of pages of drawings of this character, currently working on some more, a brief section of research on artists' books & zines (I plan to make a zine for this project) and just starting some research into a comic strip artist whose characters have inspired mine. 

A close-up of one of the first drawings I did - all nighters and falling asleep on your work is not cool. I've being trying to briefly annotate my drawings as I've gone along; mainly alterations that are needed and notes from ideas.

This was the beginning of another set of drawings that didn't turn out very well (the idea that bored the sh*t out of me) was essentially creating a map or a journey of a bar crawl along Broad Street, each pages working as a separate bar/club - with each image possibly bleeding into the next until the last one is difficult to see (because in reality you'd be wasted).

These were more studies of the character I would want to use in the zine - starting to look at expressions, drawing from other angles and the figure in an environment. I plan to create a mind-map quite soon to develop the content of the zine; places, events, story (if any) and drawing techniques & media, as these are areas that are still a bit blank in my mind.

This is my page on artists' books and zine, reference images are missing at the minute but I'm working on it.


Chiu said...

you need to post larger images around 900 px width please!

+ post your zine research!

Fly on the wall sounds like it has potential - drawings don't say much at the moment - Don't get enamoured with drawings that don't get you anywhere - you need to push your boundaries!

Lauren Street said...

Photos are full size now, and I'll get on with some comparative zine research asap