Tuesday, 7 December 2010


 i started drawing. i did some research. i looked at Oliver Kugler, Kozyndan, this guy called Ricardo (Merkslow) James Jean and Elodie. i also looked through pages of stuff about zines.

 my frist idea after writing down loads of random stuff was to look at under ground subcultures and make up some and try to come up with some fun ideas . i then continued to draw stuff

i also thought about a story about a gorilla repair man, fixing thing late at night (like the plumber in that film Brazil). kind of like an alternate superhero.

whilst puting his child to bed he tells the story about the gorilla repair man.

i also thought about monsters made out of phones and other random objects
im gonna keep working on it.



Chiu said...

my criticism gets harsher as the students work is either really poor or really quite good - in your case it's the latter - so I'm shocked at the lack of sophistication in your colour palette - ever see james jean select and use colours as sloppily as that? He may only choose two colours but boy are they applied with design consideration

other than that a very healthy start with several promising ideas you can toy with :)

knico said...

your right.
i'll go back to my research and pay more attention to colour and composition. thanks for the feed back