Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Has vampires/night creatures been overdone on this project?

I just wanted to ask before I babbled any proper ideas to improve/develop my original fly on the wall idea - all I was thinking about was student nightlife, being practically nocturnal, almost like vampires etc etc and I wanted to make sure it hadn't been run into the ground beforehand.

Feedback would be great, cheers


Rachel Rainsbury said...
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Rachel Rainsbury said...

Bats are more nocturnal than vampires! If you want to make it dark, then great...but I don't understand the obsession with them! :)
Good luckk!

DooDle said...

Yh but in saying that vampires resemble humans more than bats, kinda because there undead humans who feed on the living, so maybe vampires are a good idea and you could play around with the fact that the city drains the life out of people turning them into these vampires?

Lauren Street said...
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DooDle said...

Yeahhhh ooookay lol dark...yh...gota go!

Chiu said...

"I'd prefer to stay in the dark of my room than go to Uni most days ahah" sorry, but it does beg the question, why sign up to uni in the first place?

Secondly you need to feed your mindset with the following:


you do however need to want to be creative - it does seem that every year there are more and more students that have no desire to be creative - they either want attention and have their egos massaged, or they want to be told what to do, an ABC approach to learning - quite sad really