Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Here I am again.

I thought it would be a pretty good idea if I actually got round to mind-mapping some of the crap that's been floating around in my head, and it's proved quite productive - a couple of new possibilities have come up; I wouldn't say it's finished but I've currently run out of inspiration.

After Chiu's comment on my first post I started looking at how the pages might look (very basically) if I chose to run with the fly on the wall art student idea, quite a few things are wrong; perspective, proportion, the character's face etc etc but they were only meant to be quick, shitty test drawings.

These are just a couple of drawings that are linked with a new idea that I've been playing with - the idea of creating a survival guide zine that reads like a wildlife documentary; with the types of people we see everyday in Birmingham transferred into animal for - in this case it's a raccoon Big Issue seller and a penguin police officer (the penguin isn't meant to be so comical - but it kinda accidently turned out that way). The animals used would be some way connected to the impression we have of each type of person. This is another unfinished page as I'm currently a little stuck for inspiration,  but I'm working on it.

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Chiu said...

Animals representing types of people in the city - like Dr Doom said, this one has been done before - but hey every thing's been done before - it's how you do it differently that counts, and it's how interesting your particular perspective is that will attract our attention - the only thing I'd say is lay off the big issue seller please!