Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Initial Ideas and Sketches

Whilst exploring Digbeth for my typeface research in the last project I was struck with two thoughts. One, Digbeth is a shithole. And two, whilst it is a shithole, the dilapidated industrial buildings and decay are fascinating. Not only visually (for a guy like me who's into that kind of thing), but in the aura of foreboding and mystery they give off. 

So for this project, I want to explore the possibilities of what's in the spaces that we normally never see. What could be inside that crumbling old warehouse? Behind that rusted metal door? Could something other than the expected dwell in these dark places that have long been abandoned?

Initial Ideas

Couple of quick monster related sketches. 

I plan to experiment more with techniques, traditional and digital to find a style appropriate to reflect my theme. Will update again with some more ideas, and drawings.

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I am Dr Doom said...

It's somewhat scary that our imagination lives between a triangle of Pigeons, big issue sellers, and zombies

if it where not for the fact that neither of us know what each other are doing then it could be forgiveable, but wait, everything that's been done before has been posted on this blog - maybe I could be bright enough to look through this blog to find that my incredibly original and creative idea has already been done to death (and a zombie death at that??)